The Oriental Art of Skincare,
A secret silvery bloom on the water, SO-ON

The core of Dermatology in SO-ON, KC-P5 will renew your skin. Antique natural light, awaken the beauty that is sleeping within.

The perfect balance between nature and science, SO-ON

SO-ON is based on the best concentrations of plant materials and known as luxury cosmetics created through a unique manufacturing process. This line was created through a proprietary research. All products were manufactured with innovative formulas, resulting the highest in purity of the botanical ingredients contained within. This product will revitalize your skin as well as your body and nourishment to the mind

SO-ON is focused on concerns about the inflammation has been recognized it as the main cause of aging. Our innovative medicinal plant complex formula KC-P5 can reduce the different layers of inflammation and aging of the skin.

SO-ON combines traditional and natural healing methods, as well as the latest innovative technology. It is based on scientific research and a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, which provides an ideal outcome for modern women who want an efficient and effective wellness products.

SO-ON cosmetics, especially our foundation, can produce a natural look and natural skin expression. Colored lines contain vegetable antioxidants and natural ingredients. By being able to express important colors, texture for each season of the year, SO-ON will be able to secure the quality of your fashion.

Complete with natural botanical ingredients and innovative scientific inspiration Formula

The founder, Pyun- heungsam had a brand motto saying "Beautiful skin is healthy skin." With this motto, we are making a wide range of products combined with medicinal plants and scientific innovation at the same time.

While being the industry’s first to introduce the importance of medicinal plant extracts, by creating a formula that is combined with natural botanical ingredients modern technology and implementing that into our brand, we have been able to prove ourselves again.

The outstanding product quality of SO-ON is done under the strict control of the entire process from raw material selection by KH manufacturing system, and producing under the CGMP standards. With the plant materials they will the find hidden potential inside your skin and provide the healthy look you always wanted.