2014The New Slogan for Hanbaek

‘Beautiful life, Health, and Happiness.’

Hanbaek’s 30 years of history and philosophy flew by swiftly and naturally, but its persistence and conviction has become deeper. We have tried our best to find the best ingredients, and our effort towards this is included in each and every one of our products. Our research towards pro-naturism has constantly evolved and became the base of our strategy: showing how to become one with nature. With our new slogan, we have evolved into a company based on true success and a lifetime of happiness.


  • 06MY BEAU Diet box released
  • 05Launched CELLUENCE
  • 03SKINATURE Natural Babassu Oil Hand Protector realeased
  • 01Edible Pearl Calcium Renewal released

2012Finding the beauty that blooms from nature

Naturally fermented skincare brand ‘SKINATURE’

As KH launched their naturally fermented skincare brand ‘SKINATURE,’ Seonggyungwan University’s Biotech worked together to create patent material AF-343, which recovers the skin. SKINATURE has always made cosmetics that combine traditional methods using herbal ingredients with modern technology in order to materialize skin, showing the true beauty of nature.


  • 12SKINATURE Advanced treatment CC Cushion released
  • 11The Real Acai Berry released
  • 09100 year dental health project propolis toothpaste released
  • 08SKINATURE DANDELION343 Second skin mask released
  • 07New daily fiber released
  • 04Red acanthopanax released
  • 03SKINATURE DANDELION343 All day water essence released
  • 02Silk&Enzyme released
  •      SKINATURE DANDELION343 All about cream released


  • 05Attended United Forward movement event (Kimcheon)
  • 02Cheongiguhwangdan released
  • 01Company name changed to Korea Hanbaek

2009Success for the people and the company

Taking responsibility for daily life styles

People are the most important asset to us. To be able to grow continuously, and have a competitive edge, it all depends on the people. Through our management philosophy, we have become an upscale and successful network industry with a high-quality education system that prioritizes a healthy and happy life so that we can create our own successful system and culture internally. As a result, we have over 70 locations across the country, and by doing business with outstanding companies(LG car, SKT, KICC, German company WACER and CIR, France company LIBIO and BIOLAND etc) in and out of the country, we were able to become a life-style booster for many people.


  • 10Vitamin and Mineral, Edible Pearl Calcium released
  •      Cheongiguhwangdan Gold released
  • 08Sercret B released
  •      Eye-joa released
  • 04Attended United Forward movement event (Daegu)
  • 03SO-ON acanthopanax Oriental Invigorating Soap released


  • 11SO-ON Multi Effect BB Cream released
  •      Gracia Hydrate Capture Handcream released
  • 068 Week program released
  • 05Acanthopanax Q5 released
  • 032010 3rd Overseas leadership tour


  • 01SO-ON Teratin Silk Acanthopanax Hair products released
  • 062009 2nd Overseas leadership tour
  • 02Silk powder Q-S released
  •      2009 1st Overseas leadership tour

2005Fulfills the enterprise spirit

‘customer comes first.’

Selected company by the GMP for superb functional health food products

Hanbaek has become a trustworthy company through carefully selected and maintained ingredients, production, and distribution, while following all of the rules and regulations. We are doing our best to achieve the dreams we have of global expansion, becoming a proud and trustworthy company with the help of our production system which is equipped with cutting-edge technology.


  • 12Hanbaek Silk Acanthopanax Q300 released
  • 06Korea Hanbaek’s “Tower of Ten thousand years” built
  •      Attended United Forward movement event (Kincheon)
  • 05“Hanbaek Maoza Gold” released


  • 12Selected New Magazine “Character of 2007” awarded
  • 09SO-ON Silk BB Cream released
  •      Hanbaek Red Clay set released
  • 06Attended United Forward movement event (Suwol)


  • 12Sponsored Athlete Ji Injin WBC Feather weight title reclaimed
  • 06Hanbaek detergent products released
  •      Functioned Ramen “Our wheat Acanthopanax Ramen”
  •      released
  •      Matey “Miso” Hygienic goods released
  •      Reformed Homepage, Cybershop opened
  • 03Korea Hanbaek Makeup Herald Economy Selected
  •      “2006 Innovative Technology Administration Grand Prize”
  •      released


  • 12Korea Ginseng Hanbaek Superb Food product
  •      manufacturing standard “GMP”
  •      Obtained No.24 KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration)
  •      appointed business
  •      Awarded Management Grand prize
  •      in Healthy food products
  • 11SO-ON Royal Silk body care released
  • 09Korea Ginseng Hanbaek Food product factory in Yeoju
  •      expanded, moved and completed GMP production facilities.
  • 06Hanbaek Double Herb Q released
  • 04New-Lactolevan released
  • 03SO-ON wrinkle clear program
  •      (Wrinkle improvement makeup) released
  •      Hanbaek diet dietary fiber released

2003The Evolution of Hanbaek, the power of research, development, and education

Hanbaek has always dreamed of more healthy beauty. In order to make that happen, we formed a research team in 2001 in order to develop raw materials for cosmetics with companies in France, Germany and Japan. Eventually, with the German company Wacker, we combined a complex medicinal ingredient KC-P5 and Oriental herbs to create the brand SO-ON. It has been confirmed through dermatology tests from Chungbuk Medical College that SO-ON products are safe for the skin. As much as we devote ourselves towards research and development, we also wanted to promote our superior products while making sure the effects are thoroughly understood. This is why in March of 2003, we built the Korea Hanbaek education center, approximately 240 acres large in Yeoju, Gyeonggi province. It is the first education center that was built in the industry for network marketing operators.


  • 125th year anniversary United Forward movement event
  •      (Daejeon)
  • 10Korea Direct sales association membership registered
  • 08Acanthopanax Q Ramen released
  •      (Partnered with Samyang Ramen)
  • 07SO-ON Soft Silky Lip Pallet
  •      SO-ON Skin Prism two way cake refill released
  • 04SO-ON Functional Cosmetics 2 types
  •      (Doctor serum, White Silky serum) released
  •      Donated to the Sangdodong Community Welfare Center
  •      Acanthopanax tea released
  • 03SO-ON Silky capsule Shampoo set released
  • 014th year anniversary United Forward movement event
  •      (Daejeon)
  •      Sponsored Himalayas Expedition


  • 12SO-ON Silky Capsule Hair care set(Shampoo, rinse) release
  •      SO-ON deluxe skin care 14 type set release
  • 11SO-ON Mega-denty toothpaste, toothbrush set released
  • 09KTF Business cooperation signing ceremony
  • 0812th United Forward movement event (Seoul)
  • 07New Hanbaek Gold Q released
  • 06Conclusion of a contract with WBC Feather weight world
  •      champion, Ji Injin for sponsorship
  • 05SO-ON Lipstick, green tea mask released
  • 04SO-ON Sun cream (functional cosmetic) released
  • 03Yeoju factory and education center in construction
  •      Success University 100th anniversary
  •      SO-ON two-way cake released
  • 02SO-ON Tone cosmetics(face powder) released
  •      Daegu Subway Disaster donation (KBS)
  • 01SO-ON Basic cosmetics(foam cleansing, travelers 5 pack set)
  •      released

2002Realization of the Enterprise Spirit,

Quality First Policy

The Start of a Healthy Beauty, Hanbaek

Hanbaek took a step forward from the healthy food field and built the Korea Hanbaek Cosmetics Corporate body based on the standard institution of the 2002 CGMP, created the SO-ON cosmetics brand made for the beauty of women, and launched the leading cosmetics brand Truse Khan.


  • 12Korean Special Sales Cooperation Inspection appointed
  •      SO-ON Tone cosmetics(Line control base, foundation)
  •      released
  •      TRUSE KHAN cosmetics for men released
  •      SO-ON basic makeup (Cleansing cream, massage) released
  •      3rd year anniversary United Forward movement event(Busan)
  • 11Reconciliation, mission, and trends selected
  • 10New product SO-ON released (basic makeup set)
  • 09New product [Hanbaek Obicalp], [Hanbaek glucagon]
  •      released
  •      Attended flood victim donation event (KBS)
  •      Korea Hanbaek Cosmetics factory in Yongin completed
  • 0810th United Forward movement event (Kwangju)
  • 07President farewell and inauguration ceremony
  • 049th United Forward movement event (Kwangju)
  • 01Korean Hanbaek International Homepage domain established
  •      Korean Hanbaek cosmetics land purchase
  •      Korean Hanbaek education center and 2nd factory land
  •      purchase (Yeoju)

1987The Root of Korea

The Beginning of coexistence with nature, Hanbaek

At Hanbaek, we took pride in using only what grew on Korean soil, and with that pride and Korea’s representative specialty ginseng, we became the best Korean company in the health industry. During our time producing ginseng, we encountered Acanthopanax. With Acanthopanax, we decided to do more than producing, and succeeded to commercialize and develop food products based on the research we have done on its components and effects. As a result, with Hanbaek’s excellent network marketing, we were able to become the representatives of Korean Acanthopanax.


  • 122nd year anniversary United Forward movement event


  • 087th United Forward movement event
  •      Method (company newsletter) launched
  •      Obtained GF Product accreditation mark
  • 07The FDA approved that Acanthopanax is safe to consume
  •      New product ‘Hanbaek Diet’ released
  • 05Korea Ginseng Hanbaek Foods factory located in Wonju,
  •      expanded and moved
  • 04New product ‘Makeup base, Foundation, Twin cake’ released
  •      Business cooperation with LG card
  • 036th United Forward movement event


  • 12Korea Hanbaek International corporate body established
  • 08Korea Ginseng Heungjin Foods corporate body established
  • 07Korea Ginseng Heungjin Foods title changed
  •      Korea Hanbaek International Magazine permission acquired


  • 12Korea Hanbaek International corporate body established
  •      Korea Hanbaek International Magazine permission acquired


  • 08Korea Ginseng Heungjin Foods corporate body established
  • 07Korea Ginseng Heungjin Foods title changed